Kids Camps and Fashion Camps

Kids Camps and Fashion Camps Last week we had so much fun with our sewing basics kids camp. This camp was special because it comes with Brother SB170 sewing machine that every child uses for the entire week during class. We broke the class down into small segments to get ready to make a full […]

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Dayton Daily News

Writing for the Dayton Daily News

Jesy and I have now been working together for almost three years. We have had so many great opportunities that we are truly more than blessed to be a part of. I remember when we first got our own shop, we kept saying over and over, “We have our own sewing shop!!” At our fabric […]

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DYI Sewing Studio Clock

Want to make yourself a sewing studio clock? You can make your own clocks out of everyday house hold objects (trash) and old clocks from the thrift store. Here are a few creative tips to get you started. Get an old clock from the thrift store, make sure it works and then take it apart. This […]

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